[iOS] What is the "canonical" way to identify iOS windows / applications for autofill?

On Android, each application has a uniquely identifying string that can be figured out easily. However, on iOS the URL is often not pre-filled and I’m struggling to guess what to enter to make Bitwarden auto-recognize an app. I usually try to use a very generic regex that contains the app name, but more often than not it fails.

Is there a way to do this more reliably? The help section says “A URI can be a website address (i.e. a URL), a Server IP Address, a Mobile App Package ID, and more.”.

The “Mobile App Package ID” sounds promising. Can that be found reliably and is it the recommended approach?

EDIT: I think this might just be the ID from the AppStore share URL … let me give that a try.
EDIT2: Nah, I had already tried that, both in idXXXX...XXX and XXXX...XXX format, but didn’t work.

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The app developer has to claim their domain name with Apple. This is how Bitwarden knows what app to reference with which Login Item.

If an app developer doesn’t associate or register their domain with Apple, Bitwarden will not be able to recognize it. It would be suggested that the app developer be contacted and requested to do so. Here is some documentation on the matter from Apple: Apple Developer Documentation

I don’t use Apple but this article looks like it might be helpful:

But for some reason, some iOS apps can use iosapp:// , which is a URL automatically obtained by Bitwarden: iosapp://file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/ECDD0159-A74F-4578-9C80-D5E832EB4638/Library/Pandora/apps/__UNI__86A500D/www/__uniappview.html . Is it possible to implement something similar to androidapp:// for Android, and what should I do, or what should the developers do?