Integrated Numpad for PIN code screen

Hi all! (This is my first post.)

I was about to file this as an issue on Github, but since I have a solution in mind I decided to join the Bitwarden community forums. :smiley:

The issue
Using Bitwarden’s auto-fill feature is kind of a flow-breaker on my phone (LG G3 D855, Android 7.1.2). After the PIN code screen becoming visible my keyboard takes a long time (a few seconds) to pop up. It’s just a few seconds, but we all know the feeling of waiting for what feels like centuries just get on with it.

Possible Solution
While I could blame this on my keyboard app or on my phone for being slow, I think Bitwarden could be the one to solve this problem. And as a bonus it may at the same time enhance Bitwarden’s security!

Why not integrate a numpad in the app itself? Taking external keyboards out of the loop, they can’t stall user flow, and it would also prevent keyboards from (accidentally) leaking users’ passwords (as seems to have happened with some Swiftkey incidents).

There’s already other password managers with an integrated numpad and for me that has worked smooth and flawlessly.

I’m looking forward to hear your ideas. :slight_smile:

Very good idea! And the numpad could randomly change position for the numbers so even somebody watching would not observe the “right” finger/hand movement. (like the pin on trezor hardwallet)

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That would indeed be an interesting extra possibility!

Seems like a good idea.