Login on Android keyboard only shows numeric numbers

I use a browser password on windows that has multiple symbols and numbers. This is not my primary major password. On my phone, an Android 9 Motorola when I try to open the Bitwarden app, I only get a numeric keyboard. Can this be made to have the full keyboard with symbols possible?

Perhaps I’m missing something. Can you force a different keyboard? Using only numerics reduces the security a lot.

Hi @rick9004 and welcome to the Community.

I experience the same thing with PINs on my Pixel 5a. I believe this is normal behavior for Bitwarden:

Spedifically, the article above says the following for mobile:

Enter the the desired PIN code in the input box. Your PIN can be any combination of numbers (0-9).

Does the above have anything to do with Bitwarden?

The title of your post says “Login”, but can you check whether the prompt you get when opening the Bitwarden app actually says Unlock?

As noted by @RogerDodger, if you set Bitwarden to Unlock with PIN, then then PIN must be numeric if (and only if) using the mobile app. The solution is to either use a browser extension, or to disable the Unlock with PIN option (in which case you need to enter your Master Password to unlock the app) .

login / unlock is the same to me on the android app, it allows me access.

Bitwarden by using only a numeric keypad is lessening the security. Why not open my full keyboard??? A pin by definition is not just a set of numeric numbers, it can be any set the designer wants it to be.