Bitwarden Mobile - allow non-numeric pin

Feature name

  • Allow non-numeric pin (allow password/phrase) on mobile apps.

Feature function

  • The keypad on the Bitwarden android mobile app pulls up a number pad. We do not have the option for using other characters.

  • I would like an option in the mobile app to switch from number pad to normal keyboard so we can use a password/passphrase instead of a purely numeric pin.

Reasoning / Intuition

  • People are locking their database, which means it is encrypted with their master decryption key + pin (I assume).
  • Their pin basically becomes a temporary device-held master-password, while the database is locked.
  • If someone has somehow stolen your phone or managed to download the data stored in your device, you want to make sure that the pin is strong.
  • This is basically why I want the option of using a password-pin (with word characters) instead of just a pin.

Note: I think would prefer to keep my devices permanently locked, and secured with a pin/password - because typing the master password is less secure than typing a local password. It is more safe if a keylogger or shoulder-surfer obtains a pin, rather than the master password.

Note: Desktop and browser extension do not need to change because they allow any character to input.

This is a very simple feature and would be nice option to have. :slight_smile: