Import json encrypt but no import works

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I export my local server vault from the firefox extension to json encrypted but when i want to import to another bitwarden web server it doesn’t work. It tell me : The data is not formatted correctly. Please check the imported file and try again.
Because the local server it crashed after update and no access bitwarden data. I try on my phone to backup vault offline but doesn’t work, on my pc same problem and on my portable with firefox, it works … but i export to json encrypt … I don’t make this now i not restore it…
How do a restore it ?
Please help me.
i don’t undersand this topic : Encrypted Exports | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thanks a lot

This is exactly why the current encrypted export is dangerous and should be removed. Users could easily believe they have a backup that can be relied upon and later discover that backup is useless.

The encrypted export can only be imported back into the same Bitwarden account. If your server has crashed and is not recoverable, your encrypted export can not be recovered.

If you have access to your data still on your mobile/browser I suggest you export to JSON (not encrypted) and then import that into a new account.

I don’t understand why if my local server has crashed, i don’t connect “offline” to my firefox extesnsion wallet of my pc and on android application or now in firefox on my portable (i works before and i create my crypt json, but now wifi off it’s not possible). Message : “network error when attemping to fetch resource”.
I backup my : %AppData%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\your_profile\storage\default\moz-extension+++[UUID]^userContextId=[integer]
If it useable :wink:


For future reference you should be backing up data from you local Bitwarden server, not your Firefox profile. As far as I know there isn’t a tool available to help you recover data saved from the Firefox extension.