Import from 1Password better, but

I am pleased to see that the import dialogue now creates a specific reference to the logins which could not be imported. That makes it super easy to identify and exclude them, but at the same time, it’s still baffling as to why they are being flagged as not able to import. Here’s an example (pictured below) of a login for a Gmail account which was flagged as having over 10,000 characters and so unable to import. Thing is, it does not appear to have 10,000 characters so why would it be flagged as such? Where are these 10,000 characters?

I hope Bitwarden can look into this and find out why it is being flagged and see if it can be fixed so that the import feature works without excluding logins which, for instance, LastPass has no problem importing.

This might help: Import Data to an Organization | Bitwarden Help & Support

I’m importing it from the 1Password export file. Importing from a CSV was not reliable as info was missing. So I can’t see how to fix this, but further, I can’t understand how a normal Gmail login can have 10,000 characters. I can see the data in the entry in 1Password and it is clearly a username and a short password and that’s it. So why is 1Password saying it’s 10,000 characters?

Have you checked the length of the URL?

Another idea and not necessarily connected to that Google account: Do you have any secure notes or files stored within 1Password?

Here it is, below. As you can see, it is not anything like 10,000 characters, so it seems to me that Bitwarden’s import is falsely reporting an error which does not exist, or should not exist. Could there be some kind of hidden field in the 1Password login which is neither shown or editable? I kind of doubt it, but it be great if Bitwarden could look at a specific login like this to examine and identify why it is being rejected by the import tool. I would be happy to share it what the password changed so it’s the same length, but wrong.

There are two secure notes. They are very short bits of manually typed text. No files, but in any case, drilling down on the one rejected Gmail login would be useful to figure out why this is being rejected.

Hi @Tin_Robot, this might be a problem with your import file or it may be a bug in the new import error message. Can you please contact our customer success team using our contact page, here: They’ll help you investigate the issue, and if it is a bug they’ll pass it on to the dev team to be fixed. Thanks!