Error when importing passwords from firefox CSV file


I’ve exported passwords to the CSV file from firefox. Then I tried to import it in bitwarden using web vault, but unfortunately, I’ve got this error message

[334] [Login] “–”: The field Password exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of 1000 characters.

I’ve tried to export-import it a couple of times, but still got this error. I’ve checked the CSV file but haven’t find any passwords longer than 1000 characters.

Does someone knows how to fix this, or at least can someone explain to me how to read this error message? Thank you!

Try going through troubleshooting section: Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support

You should be able to open CSV and go to around the 334-th row.

The “–” was supposed to be filled by name but it looks like the Firefox login entry doesn’t have a URL. Bitwarden importer uses dashes if URL can’t be found.

Encryption increases the actual length, so problematic password field can be 600+ characters long.

You can try to clean up the entry causing issues, or delete the row entirely (if you don’t need to import that login), or split your CSV up & try importing the problematic entries later, …