I want keyboard shortcuts for Bitwarden Desktop

Please implement keyboard shortcuts for the Bitwarden desktop app (or, if keyboard shortcuts already exist, please point me to the documentation that lists them).

As a workaround/alternative to built-in keyboard shortcuts, is there any straightforward way to drive the desktop app via AutoHotkey?

Yes, they exist. A google search will take less time than your forum post.

What happens when the google search brings you here and the help center doesn’t have any documentation covering the Bitwarden Desktop App shortcuts?

Do they really exists? If yes, could they be documented? Like many, I’m evaluating moving from 1password to Bitwarden and the shortcuts are a deal breaker as they are essential to productivity, both in and out the browser (think CLI tools, native apps, etc…).

This has already been requested.
Check here Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

This request is for the desktop app where as the link provided by vachan appears to be keyboard shortcuts via the web interface.

Having keyboard shortcuts to Auto-Type via the desktop app allows you to log in to non-web based interfaces, such as CLI, RDP, local applications etc. This is possible from Keepass and an extremely useful feature that I use all the time.

In Keepass, the key combination “Ctrl+V” performs an Auto-Type and basically automates the following key strokes:

I believe this is what the original poster was requesting and isn’t covered by the link provided.