How have data segmented so sensitive sites are behind a second password?

Looking at Bitwarden for 2 users, all items shared

Can Bitwarden segment data in the vault - have a single mast login that STAYS logged in so you don’t have to mess with it every time you open a browser or need to launch another site, BUT have some items behind a second password that has to be entered every time you want to access those?

So you’d log in using the master password and have access to all the low security stuff for weeks without having to reenter the long, gibberish password again, BUT if you wanted to get into a bank account you would have to enter a second password, or a different password to access a subset of everything in the vault, or have a second vault with a different master password, or SOMETHING…

And, does it have a desktop version so you can do as much as possible from there rather than having to use a browser for doing everything?

Your security model is different from mine. For my low-security things such as forums, I just log in and select “Stay logged in” so that I remain logged in. I just prefer to only have my Bitwarden vault unlocked as little and as briefly as possible. Unlock vault, get password(s), and get out.

Two options that I see for you:

  1. Use Bitwarden as you describe (keeping the vault unlocked) and implement 2FA on anything critical (which you should already be doing anyway). That’s your 2nd method of authentication.
  2. Allow your browser to store all of the non-critical passwords and autofill them. That way, you limit the use of Bitwarden to those accounts that you deem critical. This requires more work in that you have to always enable or disable the saving of passwords, per site. Also more prone to error IMHO.

Hi @GracieAllen! Yes, we do have a desktop version available with a help guide to getting started and we also allow for individual items (or all items) to be protected by requiring a master password re-prompt.

We don’t currently offer the ability to require a different password, but hopefully the re-prompt helps fit your needs. If not, feel free to submit a feature request!

Thanks for the replies.

I may try playing with Bitwarden again.