What are the password rules?

:partying_face: My Bitwarden log in password is currently saved on my browser, which is easily seen in plain text.

I thought I could memorise the Bitwarden log in password if I change the password to a passphrase…something like ‘correct horse battery staple’.
Can Bitwarden handle passphrases?

It’s perfectly fine to use passphrases. I actually encourage you to do so, as it is easier to remember. Your should never save your master password in your browser (or basically anywhere else). Pick a new password and make sure to memorize it perfectly, however long that takes you. Only then start using it.


Thank you so much.
I’ve been stressing on how to manage passwords vs passphrases.
This alleviates concern of poor security with the password now off the browser. :smile:

If all else fails I highly recommend enabling 2FA on your Bitwarden account, and you may wish to make a paper copy of your master passphrase and store this somewhere in a safe, safety deposit box, or something similar.

Offline physical copies are exponentially harder to hack and compromise :wink:


I navigate to Bitwarden Version 2.16.2 (1434) > Settings > SECURITY > Two-step login, but it opens a browser page guide how to set up 2FA?
It doesn’t offer how to obtain a QR code to add into my 2FA Authy app?

Hi @kotgc.

The instructions for registering Authy for 2FA are on that page if you scroll down a bit:

You can also find more details here: