How can I move my Bitwarden vault from the Chrome browser to the DuckDuckGo browser?

I have my Bitwarden vault currently in my Chrome browser. I want to move it into my browser. I use Windows 10 in my computer. How do I move my Bitwarden vault into my DuckDuckGo browser?

I believe DuckDuckGo is only supported for macOS, and you will need to install (and login/unlock) the Bitwarden Desktop app, and then download the DuckDuckGo browser directly from (not from the macOS app store). Detailed setup instructions are available by clicking the Help Center link below:

Either before or after setting up DuckDuckGo, you can log out of your Chrome browser extension and then uninstall (remove) the extension.

You vault data will transfer automatically, because these records are synced via Bitwarden’s cloud servers.

… Actually, DuckDuckGo for Windows is in Beta ( And I just read (same link, further down):

So I think, at the moment, no luck with Windows…

And yes, your vault data is neither in the browser nor in the browser extension itself (apart from a local vault “copy”). It is stored on the Bitwarden servers and all Bitwarden apps synchronize with the servers.

Okay, thank you.

Thanks. I kind of figured it might be the case that DuckDuckGo for Windows probably doesn’t support Bitwarden, but I wasn’t sure. That’s why I came here to find out more. I have it (the extension) in Chrome, but recently I’ve had a lot trouble watching YouTube videos in the Chrome browser and that is why I was hoping to move the Bitwarden extension to another browser. Anyways, thanks for the reply to my question.

Go to this link to see what browsers you can switch to:

No matter what browser you select, simply install the browser extension from the link above, then log in using your email address and master password (and 2FA), and your Bitwarden vault data will automatically be synced into your new browser extension.

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This seems to be amazing to be honest as I was looking forward for more such discussion as a new member I am loving :heart_eyes: this community so far.

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