Hotkey to fill in the default Identity

I requested this 2 years ago and sadly as far as I can tell it’s still not available which is why I’m stuck still using lastpass. I fill out alot of forms and am disabled. I use a hotkey on the keyboard to fill in name, address, phone etc from the default identity. I can’t believe I am the only one who wants to be able to fill in more than JUST user/password with a hotkey. There needs to be an intermediate stage between auto-fill and fill nothing.

Hi @famewolf! Thanks for the feedback!

While it’s not a hotkey - you can click on the identity in your vault to fill the identity items. The catch, of course, is that whatever form you’re filling out has to have properly coded/tagged input fields.

Yeah and that would be less of a pain if they didn’t have it at the very BOTTOM of all the options. Logins, 12 cards and finally identities. I have to scroll down to get to identities. I don’t even have the option to rearrange the order as personally cards would be at the bottom as I use identities much more than payment options. Why is it not on bitwarden’s right click menu under “auto fill?” Lastpass has an “other” option that shows both identities AND credit cards.

Last time I mentioned this the basic response was along the lines of “if you want a form filler, install one.” and so I continue to use a closed source product because I want the same functionality everywhere no matter what browser I’m using.