Right Click option to fill generic forms

I bailed on LastPass in January 2023 and went with Bitwarden
Love it so far!

One feature I miss that LastPass had was a right click menu option that would fill in Name, Address info from your Identity.
I know that you can open Bitwarden in the browser and do that, but it’s a couple extra steps.

These are forms where you have not created a login yet and so Bitwarden has no info about the web form.
The right click mouse menu option was really easy and fast to get to in LastPass

Please consider adding this to that menu.

I just tried to fill in a simple USPS two field form that notifies me of tracking progress on a package
The two fields were Name and Email address
I told Bitwarden to use my Identity to fill in these two fields
It put my Email in the Name field and my street address in the email field

I think Bitwarden needs to refine the form filling process using my Identity info

If you want to test this yourself, go to the USPS tracking page and enter a tracking number
Then Text and Email updates for a package
Then ask Bitwarden to fill out the Name and Email address fields