Hosting Bitwarden locally - certificate issues

Hello community,
I have installed Bitwarden in a Docker container as a test. Since I only want to run Bitwarden locally, I had a self-signed certificate created during the installation. I can access the vault through the browser and browser addons. But you can’t do that with a PC app or iPhone. I downloaded the certificate as a .pem file via the browser and installed it locally, but the PC app still doesn’t work.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @MaGu - welcome to the community forums!

Can you provide some more information about your host system and the specific error you are encountering so that we can help diagnose your problem? For example, what version of Bitwarden Server are you using, what install method did you use, did you install to a new instance of Docker or not, and if not, do you have other containers running web servers, what is your host system (e.g., Windows, Mac, NAS) and OS, etc.? Also, can you provide more details about the specific error you are encountering on your device? Thanks.