Local instance with alternate port

Hi all!

Just created a local instance of bitwarden and due to conflicting server ports, I had to set bitwarden to run on 8443. This is a local only instance, and I have it using a self signed cert. I’m attempting to connect the desktop application to this local instance. I’ve followed the guide here but I get “an error has occured: Failed to fetch” when attempting to authenticate with this instance. I have the server url set to “https://my.bitwarden.install:8443”. Is this configuration supported?

Hey @mcmellenhead and welcome to the community,

You absolutely can access and run Bitwarden on an alternative port.
Do you know if when you changed the ports did you perform a rebuild?

Whenever you make changes to global.override.env, perform a ./bitwarden.sh rebuild to apply your changes.

Also are you able to access your self-hosted instance via the web-vault at your domain with the custom port?

I did indeed do as instructed via the FAQ. I am able to access the web-vault with the custom port.

Have you added your self-signed cert’s full chain to your device’s trust store?

I had not, however I get the same result after completing this.