Bitwarden self hosted

Hi folks,

I try to deploy bitwarden in my own server using ubuntu platform (self-hosted)
I configure all the stuff using bitwarden self-hosted documentation and using local IP, I deploy bitwarden
but the problem is when I login the bitwarden account it throws the error - An error has occurred this.subtle is null
what action should I take to overcome the error and use the bitwarden in my own server
please let me know

Hi @goutham - sorry to hear about your issues. Your issue could be related to many things, and it is hard to say what the cause might be without more information.

What output do you get if you run this command on your Ubuntu instance:

docker ps

Hi @dh024 thanks for your response, please find the attachment for docker ps output. I refer few articles and forums regarding to that error. People suggesting that bitwarden docker does not support http. we need to configure SSL for HTTPS to work bitwarden on own server,is that true? please let me know

Yes, you must use an https connection with SSL enabled. See the installation instructions here:

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 6.26.03 AM

Hi @dh024 hope your doing well, Can you please clarify few things. I didn’t have public IP address and FQDN to create SSL certificate for https connection. If is possible to create SSL with private IP range ? If yes,then please guide me or share some resources to achieve . Thanks in Advance for your response

If you don’t have a public IP address, but you have a static private IP, you can still create a self-signed certificate. Follow the link I provided above and scroll up the page to find it. Cheers!

hi @dh024 hard to find in the documentation for to configure self signed ssl certificate with private IP, Can you please briefly explain what steps can i do to configure SSL using private IP.

hi @dh024 i facing the error for that please find the attachment , while configuring self signed certificate using openssl in ubuntu. kindly please let me know how to overcome the error

Hi @goutham - I already provided a link above to the documentation from Bitwarden on how to configure your server. If you are not sure how to create and install a self-signed certificate, you will have to search for instructions specific to your operating system.