Full-fledged menu bar mode



Right now, the desktop app window can be minimized into the menu bar, but it’d be nice to expand this into a full-fledged menu bar mode where the app can live fully in the menu bar—giving the convenience of the browser extension when a browser window isn’t open.

  • Clicking the menu bar icon opens a popover next to the icon, just like the browser extension
  • App icon is not shown in the Dock
  • Preference can be set as to whether to use menu bar mode or standard window mode


The current “Hide to Tray” option is mostly useless, at least on the mac. Not to mention that “Tray” has no meaning in macOS, should be “Menu Bar”. 1Password has a very nice implementation of this.


Right—I should have specified this is a macOS request; I haven’t used BW on Windows.

Yeah, ‘Enable Tray Icon’ is especially not useful on Mac because the Menu Bar icon can’t re-open the application if the main window has been closed. Seems like the main point of a menu bar icon would be not having to keep the window open.