Full-fledged menu bar mode

+1 on this one!!!

A BIG +1!
Unfortunately all apps and extensions seem to be a bit slow, with the browser menus being the fastest.
Ideally a mac /other OS menu bar mini app would be perfect for ease of use and convenience.

Please do consider this which in my view is better than a Mac OS full app.

Many thanks

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Just my annual check-in to verify this hasn’t been rolled out while I’m waiting for it in agitated ignorance.

Apparently, though, it had not.

@eroux Thank you for continuing to check-in. This is a feature Bitwarden may consider for future development. But currently this is not a priority for the team.

I recently deployed my self-hosted Bitwarden, and then I found the mentioned Bitwarden Menu project online. However, when I saw the author mention that his software is no longer compatible with future versions of Bitwarden due to updates.

I realized that having Bitwarden in the macOS menu bar is a very convenient option compared to the full desktop program. Not only does it eliminate the need to switch to the desktop program, but it also allows for opening and retrieving passwords and TOTP codes while other software is running in the foreground.

So I sincerely hope that the official team can consider including Bitwarden Menubar feature in the development plan for macOS menu bar!

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