✅ Hide Bitwarden icon in dock on macOS

Since there is an option to make a Bitwarden menu bar icon, I believe there should be an option to hide it from the dock. This is already implemented in Windows; closing the Bitwarden window closes it to the tray.

Agreed, this would be a nice feature for Mac as well.

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This should be a feature!

I’m used to 1Password and now I wanna try new horizons, that’s why I’m using Bitwarden now.

It’s a great password manager for the price, really, but this feature makes a huge difference, HUGE. Whenever I’m switching apps with CMD + TAB, the Bitwarden icon there annoys me so much the same way it annoys me to see it on the dock. It makes no sense at all… it’s already in the top (menu) bar, so why can’t I just close it?

Tried with CMD + W and nothing, Bitwarden stays on the dock. Tried CMD + Q and it kills everything, even the process running in the background and showing the icon on the top (menu) bar.

I’m really excited about Bitwarden and I’m thinking about paying it, but this feature is a big weight on deciding if I should or should not spend the money, to be completely honest.

Well, voting on this but it’s been almost two months and no answer, so I’ll soon create a new request.

I’m also sure that it is possible to do this because I have 6 apps that are menu bar only and are invisible in CMD+TAB. (just in case someone was going to come and say it’s impossible)


Yeah, it’s possible! I have 5 running now and 1Password does it too, so why can’t Bitwarden? It’s working on Windows, now we need it to be working with macOS.

Please vote on this too. Full-fledged menu bar mode

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+1 for this as a user thinking of switching from dashlane premium to bitwarden premium.

The MacOS desktop experience just seems a bit disjointed to me.

Dock icon should only be tied to an open main app window, and the app should otherwise run in the background as a menu bar app.

At least thats my expectations. Seems more intuitive.

+1 I’d like to be able to close the BitWarden window and it still remains in the menubar. Instead closing the window quite the app.

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As many macOS users including me will now run Bitwarden all the time to use TouchID in the Browser, this feature would be much appreciated. Having Bitwarden waiting in a menu bar, launched after startup, is a usecase :slight_smile:

Oh this is part of the touch ID integration, since the desktop app has to be running :smiley:


Did I say I love it? I did, but…:heart: ! Thank you!

What more can I want? A libre localization platform? :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

Hiding Bitwarden in the dock will work for macOS with the upcoming desktop release. We’re working on rolling out client updates this week (it takes a minute to submit to app stores, get approved, etc.)


But right now, in MacOS, cmd-w doesn’t work to close the Bitwarden 1.24.1 app window. cmd-Q quits and doesn’t minimize to menu bar - like some other persistent apps are able to do (cmq-q just closes out their main window)

Also, activating (opening/launching) Bitwarden from a global keystroke while it’s already minimized to the menu bar will shows its window, but the menu will still be of the previous app (such as Firefox). In this case, its icon also won’t show in the dock or app switcher and you can’t hide the window with cmd-h.

I wouldn’t like ⌘Q to close the window, any app I send that to should quit!

⌘W would be good though, at the moment, remembering ⇧⌘M is a bit annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

This is available in the current (1.26.5) version of the app :slight_smile:

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