From lastpass to Bitwarden

Exactly my point to most of the comparisons people are making between LP and BW. Can they actually explain why they are missing the feature or want the feature, more than just because platform X has it, so I want it?

How I see it, the more custom and one-off features they implement, the harder it is going to upkeep and the more bloated it will become. I would much prefer a general purpose and easy to use system that I can bend to my specific needs how I see fit. Something personally, I think BW has done well with the custom fields, folders, and free organizations. I only wish that one-off shares was easier beyond copying the data into a “Send” and that we could undo the transfer of ownership to an organization.

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Blockquote I have a Samsung Android (cuz iphones are for people with limited understanding of computer settings)

Really? How did you come up with that? I’m sure there are many iPhone users who are tech geniuses. Saying something like that is really not necessary. So, you heard that somewhere and you think you are cool cause you use Android… Ohh…

To be fair, Android does afford a much greater degree of customization, and often for less money. Additionally, Apple markets its products as being user friendly to the layperson.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean Apple users are all stupid. They just have different priorities than Android users.

But I digress…

Sure, but that has nothing to do with ‘limited understanding of computer settings’. I’m sure there are plenty of Android users who have no idea how to use/change most of settings that they have. There are many reasons why people use one or other brand and generalizing in any way is never a good option. This is forum about ‘bitwarden’ not hey, I’m cool cause I use android.


I too don’t want Bitwarden to become bloatware.

I can remember when Microsoft Word was fairly easy to use, but it became bloatware a long time ago.


As a Canadian it wasnt going to cost me $30.00 a year for last pass, it was going to cost me over $51.00 dollars a year. I used to pay $12.00 a year for lastpass. Then they sold the company then it became free now they want to charge $51 a year to use on a 2nd device?

1password is worse. They were going to charge me $64.00 (81.00 USD) not sure how it comes to that considering its $3.99 a month or $7.99 a month. Worst part is they are based back east in Toronto Canada

I agree. As much as i love lastpass i cant justify paying the amount they want. I realise that bitwarden and lp are not exactly the same, nor do i expect them to, but like you cant complain with the cost bw charges, now if they change it to asking for 50 dollars then i wont pay it. I use bw on my pc and cell and use lp as back up on my cellphone

I agree with what your saying. We all can’t expect everything to be like lastpass. I find its a bit of an adjustment after using lastpass for so many years. I’m actually using 3 different ones right now. Bitwarden, zoho and so i can see which one i like best.

So far i like all 3 but its just me finding that balance of what fits my needs.

I also look at cost. I really also prefer an autofill. So far autofill has been working good with 0 problems

To be honest there was times i had issues with lastpass, and my auto fill did not always work as well,.

A pw is a must for me so much easier to remember one pw then the 400 different ones i have.

Honestly, one thing I like a lot with Bitwarden is the forums. Lastpass’ “Support Discussions” page feels like a support portal. This legit feels like a community.


As I mentioned above I think, to bypass the LP cost, install LP on your laptop and BW on your phone and laptop. Only use LP on your laptop. Only use BW on your phone. In the rare occasion when you add a new login, you turn the laptop BW addon back on and log into the site to have either BW or LP capture the missing login so its available on the other device. Unless you add a lot of log ins it works great. Get to keep LP and BW is not so bad for a phone password system. If you use your phone more, reverse the above.

When I installed BW, I deleted LP fairly soon after. Using one password manager is much better than going between several, for me. BW does all I need it to and I’ve gained using it on whatever device I choose. I used LP for many years and I’m not knocking it. I just didn’t like the limitation they were imposing along with the higher cost. I’m a happy premium BW user.


Wow this sounds like someone who enjoys just creating a complex solution for himself; good luck to you, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t just use Bitwarden on your laptop as well. LOL


Because it doesn’t have the field icon to easily fill the login info. Its not a complex solution, its very simple on a day to day. Plus, I hardly use my phone to browse so its easy for me. I’ll switch to BW for all once they get out of Beta.

Yeah, neither would I but whatever works for him, it’s ok. My problem would not be adding new password but more changing passwords and keeping them up-to-date in both systems. Soon, that would become too much work for me.
Bitwarden doesn’t have icon, but it does have shortcut to fill info and for me, that works great.

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I missed it at first but now I find Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut (which lets you cycle through logins on sites with multiple logins) much better. For the few sites where I’ve got lots of logins I just use the toolbar menu option. I’ve also found the custom fields and match detection much more powerful than LP, but it took me a while to get it setup correctly for my banking websites.

I can share the screenshot with you, its $51.00 dollars. I am not american. Im Canadian

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Thanks for posting.
This is a scenario that seems ideal for me, but it probably would not have occurred to me to give it a try. I do not use my phone for situations that require a login very often. Also, I have always been frustrated with lastpass on the phone, and I’ve seen more than one comment that bitwarden works better on that platform.

Price hike? $20-$40 a year is too much? you want these people to work for free, while you spend $500+ on a phone?

C’mon. I mean, damn. That’s just cheap.

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Hi Guys!
I am new here and also a LastPass refugee.
There is the grid feature from LastPass that I feel that is missing here.
If you guys also want to help here is the link for the proposal:

I’ve posted there the screenshot of the grid feature, for those whe are here longer than me.
May be there is an alternative solution here that I am not aware of.
All the best! Cheers!

I switched from LastPass to Bitwarden a week or two before the announcement of the changes to their Free tier.

When I first started using LastPass, I could use it on either desktop or on mobile, but changes made to the vault on one would not sync to the other. I paid $12 annually for Premium to remove that restriction. When LastPass removed this restriction from their Free tier, I stopped paying for Premium because “premium support” alone is not worth it to me.

But then, eventually, three things happened: 1) LastPass tripled their price for Premium; 2) they locked the desktop version of the Security Challenge behind a (Premium) paywall; and 3) they put ad banners for Premium on the browser extension and in the Web Vault. In short: they made it blatantly obvious that they just wanted my money—more money than I used to pay, and for no additional features.

So what did I do? Did I sign back up for LastPass Premium? No. I switched to Bitwarden. Then, I realized that I could store my TOTPs directly in my Bitwarden Vault if I signed up for Bitwarden Premium. So I did. And it’s still cheaper than LastPass Premium was four years ago.

It would only be worth the additional cost if LastPass offered something unique that can’t be found elsewhere. But they don’t. About the only thing that LastPass offers (at the consumer level) that Bitwarden doesn’t have (yet) is an overlay popup. Is that worth $24 more annually? By my estimation, LastPass’ only advantage is they sponsor influencers to market their product for them, and that’s about it. …And I don’t remember anytime ever that LastPass had a free live webinar for users to ask the actual devs questions about their product. Bitwarden has had several of those.

It’s all about marketing. You need to motivate your users to sign up for a paid tier by making it worthwhile. Actively worsening the free-user experience while raising the paid-tier price is not motivation to become a paid-user. It’s motivation to shop somewhere else.