Firefox extension update breaks WebAuthn compatibility?

My browser extension updated to 1.50.0 yesterday. This changed the extension’s behaviour when using WebAuthn during log-in.

Previously it would open a pop-up window to complete authentication with a hardware key. Now it opens a new tab. The new tab hangs and the browser extension can’t complete authentication.

I can still open the web vault in a different tab without any issue, but have lost the convenience of the browser extension.

I have tried the usual restarts and reinstall of the browser extension to no avail.

Bitwarden Extension: 1.50.0
Firefox Version: 88.0.1 (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro, Version: 20H2
OS build: 19042.928

Hi! @breadmachine - are you self-hosted by chance?


Any ideas?

Same observation here. Firefox on macOS. After entering the username and password the extension opens a new tab pointing to Bitwarden WebAuthn Connector. The tab loads a bitwarden logo and a spinning wheel. Nothing happens.

Thanks for the updates @breadmachine and @jknockaert!

Sounds like this will need some support from our CS team. Definitely send them a request here: and they can help troubleshoot!