Fingerprint instead of master password

My coworker and i are considering BitWarden as a password manager for our company, and my colleague raised a good question: when accessing the vault it would be useful to be able to do so with a fingerprint (or other biometrics), since especially on mobile, retyping a 20-something long phrase all the time is rather unpractical.

I’ve seen several mentions on the forums confirming to me that it does apparently exist, but i’ve never found the how or were, or whether or not this is a paid function. I couldn’t find it in the free version i’m currently using, at least.

My question: How do i use fingerprinting to log into bitwarden?

In the mobile app, go to Settings. You can enable it there. It’s free.

Ah, thank you. It occurred to me that i had to configure a fingerprint in android in the first place, but it hadn’t occurred to me that i still needed to restart the BitWarden app before it took effect.

Thank you very much, but considering my difficulty in finding the answer to this particular question, i would kindly suggest you add an item about this function in the Help/FAQ section of the site.

PS. excellent, quick support! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes: