Make Fingerprint Login optional

Entering manually masterpassword everytime is really painful.
I have several bank account, apps, and with fingerprint I can login. Even with password managers like roboform, safeincloud, microsoft authenticator, you can do that. Why not bitwarden.

At least, make fingerprint login optional. Otherwise, what is the point for fingerprint?

Your masterpassword is needed to login to a BW server and then download and decrypt your vault, so at least on the first access to your Bitwarden vault, there is no way around this.

However, I think what most people do is lock their vault after successfully downloading and opening it. You can choose different settings for automatically locking your vault so that you you don’t have to re-type your master password again each time you want access. A short, device-specific PIN code or fingerprint seem to be popular ways to unlock the vault for most Bitwarden users. See here for more info: