Feature Request: Reused password report

Good Morning,
After using the reports portion of the password manager, I feel there should be some improvement, specifically to the reused passwords report.

  1. The report needs to be allow organization by the different column’s, per se. It’s nice that it tells me how many times it’s being reused, but I want to be able to organize the list by the number of times it’s being reused, so I can then quickly change the passwords if needed.
  2. Once I select the item that is reusing a password, it would make sense to be able to go to the website and proceed to login and then change the password from the report. I currently cannot seem to do this from inside the report. I have to leave the report.
  3. Be able to refresh the report from the report page and not have to go back to the report selection page and then back into the report would be a big advantage to see the change has occurred.

Thank you

@Bobby_G Welcome to the forum!

When you make a feature request, it is recommended to propose only a single feature per feature request thread. Below are several existing feature request threads relevant to vault health reports, some of which overlap with your suggestions:


I am closing this thread, but if any of your suggestions have not been addressed in existing feature request threads, feel free to open a new feature request (with no more than a single proposed improvement per thread).