Sorting for Web Vault Health Reports

When I get a report in the web vault, it would be really useful to have an option to sort it in the relevant order, so that the most serious instances appear at the top rather than scattered through the list:

Exposed password reports: sort by number of exposures
Reused passwords report: sort by number of reuses
Weak passwords report: sort by weakness
Data breach report: sort by breach occurred date (or affected users count)

At the moment this report is sorted by alphabetical order but it would be very helpful to be able to optionally sort by number of times reused so as to prioritise which passwords / accounts to update first.

I think sorting them by reused count is nice.
I’d also suggest adding expandable sections for each reused password. This could let you see that your worst reused password has X counts and then it can list each item. When starting the process of updating passwords, it is nice to target a specific reused password and see the scope in a simple view.