Vault Health refresh

When I check vault health, I see that I have re-used password, I fix some of them, I would like to refresh the analysis and see update results (less items).

But it seems that it keeps a cache for an unknown amount of time.

I just tried it, and it is instantaneous for me - I make a change and it appears in the reused password report if I run it immediately. This is the expected behaviour since you are working with a copy of the vault in your client.

Are you making a change on one device/client and then running the report on another? For example, you make a change in the Bitwarden web extension and then run the reused passwords tool on the web vault via the BW website? If so, that’s the likely culprit. When you make a change on one client or device, it doesn’t force an immediate re-sync on all other devices/clients. So, before you run the reused passwords tool, be sure to go to Settings --> Sync --> Force Sync first. Then it should work.