Family Plan - Purchasable Extra Seats

Possibility to add extra Family Plan seats for an additional price. Maybe $10/year/extra family member or have a large Family Plan :wink:

Personal example: Between myself and my wife’s family, we exceed the current limit of 6 possible accounts that are allowed on a family plan which costs $40/year. Switching over to a Teams Plan for 6 individuals would cost $216/year + $36/year/extra user (family member). So technically it is possible and as much as I love to support the development of Bitwarden, the cost increases dramatically. 1Password offers this with a $1/month/extra family member which seems like a simple & elegant solution.

I really want this too. Going from $40 a year for 6 people to $252 for 7 people in teams is too much of a jump.

Teams is $3 a month per person. That is $21 a month for 7 people or $252 a year.

As a family, we don’t need the Directory Sync and other team features. 1Password does this with $1 extra a month and that is fair. I wish Bitwarden would do this.


It would be nice to have something like 1Password’s feature - add an extra user for an additional dollar (in USD) per user


In our case we would like to have an indipendant family administrator account so that one of us does not have to be a full admin with the account we use to access our daily driver accounts.

I also agree.

Currently 3.33 per month for 6 people is 0.56 per person.

1.00 per extra person per month adds an 80% markup to the 7th person onward. And brings feature parity to a certain usecase with 1Password.

Maybe even do 0.90 per extra seat and compete with 1Password a bit?

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