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I am a brand new Bitwarden tire kicker/Lastpass refugee. I generally like what I see but got a rude awakening when exploring Export/Import features in the context of permanent backup, desperation recovery etc. I executed an “Export Vault” to CSV exercise only to realize that not all of the items in my vault got exported. That is to say, none of my credit card or identity records got included in the export. I immediately started re-reading feature documentation/rummaging around the community posts and discovered several 2018-2020 era posts conveying distress similar to mine. There were several threads suggesting the json export (presumably including the encrypted json also) is more complete but even then apparently some parts of the vault (e.g. attachments) aren’t included. After several hours of groping around, I am left with the feeling that I am just not certain that the vault export feature provides a usable backup solution, and some such reliable, complete backup facility seems pretty fundamental to me. Thus, my question(s): Is there a complete, comprehensive documented story about Export/Import/Backup provisions somewhere that I haven’t located yet? If so, where?


I have the same or similar problem. I have imported all my LASTPASS logins/entries. I have since added one new logon/Entry. When I export using JSON or CSV the only item exported is the one I added. The imported entries ate not exported.

IOhave read the help about exporting and it does not help.

How do I export all entries?

OK I found my problem, it was answered in Export doesn't work

Basically I had to select my Organization from the my Vault main page (It is on the right side of the page).
Not the default personal my vault. The export an all works.

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