Estimated taxes

Hello guys !!

I have a little question.

When I try to pay for a subscription and choose my country and my zip code, the estimated taxes remains zero, it should be 24%.

And one more thing, if the tax is 24% and i want to pay with account credit I must add 12.4 usd, right ??

I think that it would be best to direct your question to Bitwarden’s Customer Support.

My understanding is that depending on the jurisdiction (country or state), sales tax may or may not be due on SaaS subscription fees, and even if due, the vendor may or may not be responsible for collecting such sales tax from the customer. When sales tax is due but the vendor is not required to collect it, then the customer would have to pay the tax directly to their taxation agency.

Adding $2.40 USD to your subscription fee if the total due is shown as $10.00 USD is probably not going to be the correct solution.

Even if I choose other countries (usa, uk, other european countries, asian countries etc) the estimated taxes remains zero.

Like I said, for a definitive explanation, please contact support. If Bitwarden is not collecting your sales tax, then you most likely have to pay it directly to the taxation agency that has jurisdiction over your purchase.

Ok, I will contact the support.

But if bitwarden is not collected my taxes, I have no idea how to do it myself. I haven’t done this for online payments.

Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a significant number of Premium users who never pay sales tax on their subscription fees. Whether they should or not, and if so, how, would be a question for a tax specialist who is familiar with the tax laws in your country/state. In some US states, you can declare unpaid sales taxes when you submit your personal income tax declaration each year.

I wouldn’t surprise too.

But I won’t declare unpaid sale taxes for just 2.4 euros. It’s ridiculous. I have already paid all my other taxes.

As I alluded, I’m guessing that many Premium subscribers make the same calculus. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Do you have premium ?? Did you paid the tax ??

I contacted bitwarden support via email and i got an answer.

They said that as an exclusively US-domiciled corporation they do not collect vat or any other taxes or fees for foreign entities.

So, I assume it’s up to me if I pay the tax/vat or not.