Account Credit not being appiled automatically towards bill

My credit card and paypal do not work with bitwarden’s payment system. So I keep some account credit to be automatically applied towards the premium membership bill. But this year, I forgot to add credit. The bill has been generated on my card, which failed to process the payment and keeps failing. I have now added some credit to my account but it’s not being deducted towards this year’s bill. What can I do? I also tried cancelling my membership, but now it’s stuck at 'Pending Cancellation" and trying to reinstate throws “Subscription Not Marked for cancellation”.

For the future: Add credit in advance. It works.
For now: Go to Contact | Bitwarden and select the Billing Support as the subject.

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thanks. i’ll contact them

I also faced a similar problem. I added credit to my account since i couldn’t find a direct payment link. I contacted Bitwarden billing support and they transferred the credit and renewed my account. I later found out that the payment link (Stripe gateway) is under the Invoice column - Billing section. I made a request to place a button or a clearly marked link under there for easy identification.