Error when trying to acquire certificate for local dns

This is the error:
DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for “” check that a DNS record exists
for this domain

This was set up at our local dns it seems that it cannot locate the record.

Hello @nikolairramos - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

It is really hard to guess at what the problem might be without more details.

Can you please let us know what installation process you are following, what version of Bitwarden server you are installing, as well as some basic details on your hardware and operating system?

Hi David,

Version is 1.47.1 on ubuntu 20.04 the problem occurs when certbot tries to issue certificate using nginx as web server.

Thank you.

Hello @nikolairramos

I believe the issue would be if you have only set the record for your local DNS, you will want to make sure you also have a record for your external/global DNS, as described in

You will need Let’s Encrypt to somehow validate your ownership of a domain before issuing a valid certificate for that domain. This cannot be done with just a local DNS record only.
For more information please see the HTTP-01 challenge type for ACME certs.

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