[Error Code 7] . Unusual Nettwork Traffic

My subscription renews May 30, I’m looking at alternatives. This is just unacceptable, don’t think the few posting here are the only angry and frustrated users, Reddit has thousands of very concerned posts, get your act together now!

Please remove this feature.
I cannot login to bitwarden on my windows vm

Just came back to say that now I’m able to access my vault.

Don’t know what happened, as I did nothing. Hope the enginering team decided to go back from blocking IPs, then other people won’t have the same issue we had - althrough I don’t think it’s the case as I didn’t had to solve the captcha.

Anyway, wish y’all from BA can manage to solve the security issues.

I came here to report this same issue. I have been unable to access my account now for a week. The mobile works but only read-only. This should be my 4th year using Bitwarden at this point I think I have had enough. Is there any way I can export my password even if on the mobile android app? Was anyone able to get this to work? I am connecting from starlink and have no VPN

Came here to report the same situation. I found that my account was silently not syncing on my MacOS desktop clients. Tried to force a manual sync and received a cryptic “Syncing Failed” message. Tried to log in to the Web Vault and got told that "An error has occired. Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 7]". Emailed support a few hours ago (with IP address, client, timestamps, etc) and have received only “Have you tried not using Tor or a VPN?” (I use neither for the last few days).

I wouldn’t mind if the IP range got blocked as a precaution, as long I also got emailed to confirm that it’s me and was able to confirm that. But no - not a single actionable notice came from Bitwarden. It was only when I noticed that some saved items were not showing up in another client that I even realised syncing was failing.

Bitwarden - I’m really very happy to pay for this open-source product. I’d pay $10 a month for reliable password management, let along $10 a year! But in exchange your syncing service has to be rock solid reliable.

Ironically I had to log into this community site via Github, as my Firefox Bitwarden extension won’t save a login and password without the syncing problem being fixed.

UPDATE: I just received my second support email telling me to not use Tor or a VPN. Thanks. Useful. :roll_eyes:

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Whenever I tried to login, it says “An error has occured, traffic from your network looks unusal”. I even tried changing the network but no result. What should I do?

Same here since a couple of hours.

I came here to report the same problem. Everything was fine, I used a VPN, but Bitwarden wasn’t even running. I turned off the VPN, two hours later I used Bitwarden and everything worked fine for a week. But today I had the following problem. I can’t add any sites to the desktop app on my PC (I thought it re-login would help to log in to my account; now I can’t even log in to my account) and I can’t log in to my account through a web browser. The same error everywhere - Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 7]. I restarted the router, cleared the cache, tried to log in to my account in the desktop app… But, as I wrote above, now I can’t log back in. But all this miracle works on a smartphone (Android app) that connects to the same network via Wi-Fi - everything works fine.

I was experiencing this problem and tried to disable AdBlockPlus…
This is an extension to block advertisements in FireFox (the browser I use)…

And it worked. BitWarden is now working properly again.
… I reinstalled the extension and BitWarden still works.

Well, this is rubbish! Recently switched to Bitwarden and now I cannot save my passwords anymore. Rebooting network cannot be done until later.

Hey @doornik have you followed the steps at Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center

If you’re using a VPN, you can switch connections to refresh IP range.