[Error Code 7] . Unusual Nettwork Traffic

Hi, I can’t login on my devices , Android 12 , Windows 10 , I tried logging out and it doesn’t allow me to re login and it says ([Error Code 7] . Unusual Nettwork Traffic )
Note : This started happening when I changed my dns To google’s dns, I can’t even access the web vault. also when I restored my dns to normal and the problem still the same, By the way I have it in browser extension it allows me to view my password but I can’t add or edit any login , Thanks in advance.


You should probably contact support directly:

This is happening with my now, but I haven’t changed my DNS. Could it be my VPN? But this never happened before? Let us know if you manage to access your vault.

This is happening with me also and i didn’t change anything. is there a problem in bitwarden servers?

You can always check Bitwarden status here:

I had the same problem. I’ve turned on/off my home router and now it works. Strange…

What kind of nonsense is this. This is happening to me. You can ask some verification again. But you cannot blatantly block. Some Product manager and developer had this stupid idea. I have not seen this kind of nonsense from 1pasword, Keeper, Enpass, etc…
Please get rid of this and not take decision on our behalf. This is a very dangerous design to block us from using our own data.


Started to have this issue today as well, randomly ocurred, been working on my job’s VPN for the last two years and suddenly got this error, so I said “fine I’ll use my phone” surprise my phone which is not on the VPN is also locked, and also my personal computer.

Basically I’m screwed if my devices were logged out.

Hey @Carlos_Montoya please follow the steps here which includes a link to the official support channel if you’ve tried the other steps: Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center

Had this happen to me today, and yes i use a VPN!! I choose to use a VPN when on public hotspots, and it appears BitWarden will not let me use my vault when I am on a VPN. This is pretty ridiculous.

Hey Lynn, I use a VPN on multiple devices and OSs with no issue, it may just occasionally require switching connections if a bad actor is using that IP range, which is usually just a 1 click situation.

What is wrong with you? Restaring my router hidden in rack-box is no a 1 click situation!

I am not able to save any new password. Bitwarden become not-usable to me.

At the link you provided above there is no substantial information, only some guesses. You even don’t know where the issue actually is!

Hey @Krzysztof_Urbanski please remember this is a community supported space with light staff engagement, I am providing my personal situation above that solves most reported instances of this issue.

You are always welcome to contact the official support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden if you are unable to resolve the issue by following Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center

I use BitWarden for work and now I can’t log in. Please fix this ASAP or you will lose clients, you are blocking legitimate attempts.

Found the detailed article on Bitwarden Error Code 7. check if this help

hi, last few days im getting this error all the time when i try to change, add something in my vault or logging in to my account. If i set up my account and try to login with pin then there is no problem. Please fix this problem.

This error popped up today on chrome. I can however log in to the firefox extension.

Hi, I just started getting this error when trying to access Bitwarden from my home network, without using a VPN. In fact, I had to use it to save a login. What the hell?


Hey @n3m4c please visit Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center which includes a link to contact support if the listed steps don’t resolve the issue.

can’t login to my web vault through pc it says:
An error has occurred.
Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 7]
can only access through android app and browser extension
but cannot sync anymore.
any solution to this.