Email Notifications When Logging In to Bitwarden

What can I do to not keep getting email notifications when I log into Bitwarden? I only have it on my laptop, the browser version of Bitwarden. Also, why does it keep changing my email I use to log onto Bitwarden?

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This doesn’t sound right. Can you explain exactly what you mean (with screenshots if possible, although be careful to redact or obfuscate personally identifiable information before uploading)? And please clarify whether you have created more than one Bitwarden account. Each account is associated with one login email address, and this login email does not change unless you take deliberate steps to modify it.

You normally should only get an email notification when you log in from a new device or new app. Since you say that you only use the “browser version” (by which I assume that you mean the “Web Vault”, which is accessed by logging in at, and you only use Bitwarden on one device (your laptop), this suggests that you are either changing IP addresses frequently (by connecting your laptop to the internet from different locations, or by using a VPN), or that you are clearing your browser cookies (including the cookie that lets Bitwarden recognize your laptop as a trusted device).

To avoid misunderstanding, I would also suggest that you share with us the exact wording of the email notifications that you are receiving (after redacting or obfuscating personally identifiable information).

Thank you, GRB,

In common parlance, “let me circle back to you on that.”

I don’t have any screenshots, and I’ll have to refamiliarize myself on how to do screenshots with Windows 10. I don’t even have any of the dozen emails that I’ve gotten after I log on with my same desktop PC using the same Chrome browser.
I really hate to keep writing books every time I have a computer problem, but I realize, that if I stated the issue more succinctly, I wouldn’t have to.
But, in answering some of your questions, I only have one account. That would be really inappropriate for me to have more than one. I have enough of a hard time organizing all my passwords with just one account. I did download the Bitwarden app on my PC, but I haven’t really taken a look at that yet. I don’t think I’ve downloaded it on my cell yet.
My email changes seem to occur after I entered some new login sites into Bitwarden. Bitwarden seems to populate my ‘remembered email address’ from other information I’m typing into the ‘vault’.
I will forward you some of my emails that I get. Yeah, it may be a cookie issue. I’ll look into that.

use the same IP address, device, and browser as you’ve used to log in previously. You only get an email notice if Bitwarden detects a login from a new device.

It sounds like this is field is being auto-filled by your Chrome browser, not by Bitwarden; you can disable this auto-fill functionality in Chrome’s settings (and you should probably do so, as it may interfere with Bitwarden in more ways than one). Also, if you are clearing browser cookies, this may prevent Bitwarden from “remembering” your login email address.


You can use Alt+PrintScreen to create a screenshot of the currently active window (which will be placed in the system clipboard), and then you can place the cursor of the forum comment editor at the desired location of your comment, and press Ctrl+V to paste the image. In some cases, it may be preferable to first paste the image into an app like paint.exe, and use image editing tools to crop the screenshot or to redact personally identifiable information; when done editing the image, use Ctrl+A to select the entire image, and Ctrl+C to copy it back to the clipboard.

Use the snipping tool app in windows. Very easy to do

Hi Corrin,

I don’t know how much control I have over my IP address, since from what I understand, it’s assigned by my ISP. But I was getting emails back every time I logged in to Bitwarden, every day for about two weeks, using the same PC and the same browser. I doubt that my ISP shifted around my IP address on me that often.
I have to say, that just lately, and, I haven’t been updating Bitwarden much this last week, I don’t seem to be getting email messages as much from Bitwarden as I used to.
I’ll have to try it later again today.


Ha! I just received an email today. Same thing, only this time, my log just timed out, and I just had to supply the password to log back in.

Here goes nuttin!

Same dang computer, same dang browser.


Ok. I just checked my cookie settings. I have “Accept all cookies.”

But, I also have a switch turned on lower, which reads "Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows, when on you’ll also be signed out of Chrome.

Now that explains my having to log onto Chrome all of the time issue. But, I pretty much leave my browser open all day long until I turn my computer off at night.

Still, I turned it off. I’ll see if that setting makes a difference.


I see that the email sent from Bitwarden is to “deauthorize sessions”. What I really need is a way to set an “authorized session”.

I’ve lost track of the conversation. I’d like to thank the person that pointed me to Windows Snipping Tool. That’s the cat’s meow!

I’ve seen the tool many time, but I never knew what it was for.

Believe it or not, I’m a techie, and I used to be a pretty good one. There are just waaaay too many advances this last decade, and I turn 65 next month.

All-in-all, I’m glad I used this forum to ask around.


If you get additional notification emails, compare the IP address and “Device Type” to the info in your previous email(s). If everything is the same, then the only explanation is that your cookies are getting cleared in between logins.

Got it. I’ll keep an eye out for that. Thanks.

I just noticed, that what they are calling an IP address is not in the format of any IP address I have ever seen before. It looks more like a MAC address, which is very unsafe to publicize.


Its seems to be an IPv6 address.

@CodeSchlocker I also clear all cookies when I close my browsers. To prevent Bitwarden extension cookies from deleting (while all other site data deletes) on browser restart I had to add an exception.

Step 1 enables clearing cookies/data on browser exit. Step 2 adds the exception needed to avoid deleting cookies/data (found on the same settings page.) Step 2 can be adapted for other sites you don’t want to always re-authenticate with.)

Chromium (Chrome)

  1. Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and other site data > Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows (Toggled On)
  2. Click “Add” under “Sites that can always use cookies” and add


  1. Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies & Site Data > Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed (checked)
  2. Click “Manage Exceptions” and add

Is your IP address static? :thinking:

From what I understand, my IP address it at the whim of my ISP.

Now, I don’t check it often, but from the infrequent times I have checked it, it appears to stay the same.

Regardless, I was getting emails like the one I posted above, every time I logged on to Bitwarden, and I really don’t think my IP address changes all that frequently.

I just find it hard to accept that I’m the only one who has ever had that issue, but, then again, maybe.


Well, I don’t refer to it as an “issue”, but I do get notifications when I log in to Bitwarden. It doesn’t bother me, because:

  1. I understand that the reason I’m getting the notifications is because I have a habit of browsing in Incognito mode, which clears all cookies when the browser is closed.
  2. I have set up an email filter to automatically transfer the notification emails into a separate folder, to avoid clogging up my inbox.
  3. I rarely need to log in to Bitwarden, as I keep my browser extension logged in at all times (and locked when not in use).

Have you tried the suggestions offered by @sclark above? That approach should take care of your “issue”.

I’m still here.

I’d say on an annoyance scale it’s only a 1 or 2. I was just checking if anyone had the same issue.

I unchecked the Chrome setting “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows, when on you’ll also be signed out of Chrome.” If it doesn’t save me those pesky emails from Bitwarden, at least it has saved me from having to log into Chrome every time I close the browser, so, thanks for that.

Yesterday, after I logged out of Bitwarden, I see that it changed my saved email to something not even an email, again. To be honest, that’s more annoying than the emails.

I have been using a password manager for a long time by a very small company called Wakefieldsoft. I loved that app, it was very flexible and allowed me to create custom forms to enter all sorts of information. Bitwarden allows me to do that as well, but it’s harder to add records into it than InfoSafe. Unfortunately, I received notice that the App, Infosafe, was going to be unsupported, and indeed terminated at the end of this year.

I have been trying Bitwarden, and to be honest, I’m on the fence about it. One time I logged on and there was no records in the vault. I had entered about half of my 250+ records at that time. It was unsettling.

Another option that I think I’m going t try, is a password manager app that my antivirus Bitdefender has. If I can’t tame Bitwarden to meet my needs, I’ll give that one a shot.


Well, I’m still waiting for you to “circle back on that” with actionable information. I suspect that this behavior has nothing to do with Bitwarden, but is instead caused by some competing password management or autofill app (including the autofill functionality native to Chrome).