Drag and drop functionality

Feature name

  • Drag and drop accounts into folders

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Add the ability to drag and drop accounts into folders in the My Vault tab

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Remove the hassle of having to manually edit every account to set the desired folder. Additionally, being able to create folders in the My Vault tab would helpful.

  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected

I don’t seem to have this MOVE option…how come?

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Must have in my opinion

Another vote for this one, it’s really a major pain in the neck to organize lots of passwords without being able to drag-and-drop them.


Adding my vote to this, too. Something I’m very jealous of 1Password for!

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it seems crazy that this isn’t a feature already.


Thank you for your post!

  • I’ve seen this on GitHub issues, but was unable to find a similar request here on the forums.

Feature name

Drag-and-Drop Support

Feature function

  • Allow users to drag-and-drop items into a folder, rather than having a multi-step “move” process.
  • Allow users to drag-and-drop folders into each other, allowing the user to quickly create nested (or to un-nest) folder structures.
  • This is currently a major source of UI/UX unpleasantness, especially when trying to make large-scale changes.
    • The current multi-select checkbox approach is not intuitive.
    • The current apprach requires way to many mouse clicks and user decision points to flow smoothly.

Related topics + references

  • Drag-and-drop (especially on Apple products) is largely an expected feature.
  • A number of other password managers support this functionality, especially in the web UI.

For better and easier organization of items, I suggest that changing folders will be available as drag and drop directly from the list to the side folders.

Additionally, I suggest that item’s folder will be shown when clicking on item, and you could change the folder without having to press edit.

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This is one of my biggest complaints about Bitwarden’s usability. Please address this issue.


This is just a basic feature every password manager should have.

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This would be fantastic. It is really cumbersome trying to re-organize items to new folders. :+1:

Open since 2018… wow. Do I really have to open and edit 200 password now just to put them into folders?

Edit: Nope. At least you can multiselect passwords in the web vault and then use the “move to”.

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Everyone has been wondering what the problem is for years?

Missing this option makes me think about to choose another vault. That’s a really issue for me. Please implement this. Should not be that hard?!

Definately a +1. Just tried to sort my +200 Logins into various folders…way too unhandy today without drag/drop support

this idea is good

Bitwarden is much better UI than many competitors, but this feature feels a really easy add. Please add! I’ve finally giving up KeePass to move to something more distributed and easier to use.

4 years passed since the initial request.
This is not a feature. It’s common UX. How many votes and years are required to make a change?
To be honest many of these features are only required for specific users who are migrating from another system.
Once BW is set it’s pretty much solid (for the price).

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It has been almost 2 years and there is still no update on this feature.
I am starting to lose hope if they will ever implement it.

a lot of other password safes has this feature. Is it possible to make it happen?

I like bitwarden, but this is a reason to change…