Drag and drop functionality

This option is only available on the BitWarden web site. Not the app. Not the browser plug in. You must log into the main BitWarden web site and enter your vault that way. You will see the option there.

  1. Guys, I hope to help in some way.
  2. There are several javascript libraries that have a drag and drop feature. For example, there is the library https://interactjs.io/
  3. Interactjs has a drag and drop feature already implemented, so if you guys find it interesting you can use
  4. I don’t know if this implementation or feature will not be developed from scratch, anyway, I’m referring to interactjs to facilitate the drag and drop implementation.
  5. This post is not a disclosure of the interactjs library, it’s just an indication of a javascript library that has the necessary feature you need i.e. the drag and drop feature.
  6. Interactjs is open source under the Mit license.
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Hi @anon15241427, is this implementation something you are interested in contributing to? You can check out our Github Contributions forum category here.


## Feature name
Drag and Drop attachments to a specific record in the desktop app

Feature function

- What will this feature do differently? Drag and drop from file explorer files to add as attachments. Drag and drop files from file explorer to the desktop app to a specific record/login/secure note that you want to add a document or multiple documents to.

- What benefits will this feature bring? Keeper has this and it was a very convenient way to quickly add 1 or more files to a record as attachments. The current interface where you click attachment and then have to view the popup file explorer is very old school and not convenient. Adding more than one document at a time would be a great feature.


we don’t need this feature for folders (we do not use folders) but we want this feature for any entry currently in editing state. If an entry is in editing, drag&drop (multiple) files onto it should simply upload and attach it to the current edited entry. Urgently needed for our “enterprise” team :wink:
And we only need this in Desktop App. Browser can easily support this too, but doesn’t matter for us.

This is hard to understand. It sounds like a completely separate issue anyway.

You do not use folders. You then describe issues you have with folders. When you say ‘editing’ an entry. Do you mean you want new entries as you’re editing them to show up in a particular folder? Or do you want existing ones to move from whatever folder (that you don’t use) they’re in, to an ‘editing’ folder of sorts, and then back to their original folder? Or something else?

The original topic, which sounds very different from what you want, has hundreds of votes and was opened several years ago. I don’t think either of these things will be added any time soon especially when your request is buried in the comments section.

Drag and Drop Functionality

It would be really useful to allow users to drag and drop items into folders, instead of having to edit each item individually and set a folder. Also, allowing the user to select multiple items, and then drag and drop would be a big help. Thanks!


Can’t believe this “Feature” ist not implemented during the last years. Today EVERY program has D&D and multiselection for organise and handle the content. The lack of these function stops me since years from moving to bitwarden, because this makes it nearly impossible to manage and organise my >1500 items after import. Very very sad for such a promising software :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hey @karl007 thanks for the feedback, multi-select is coming for organization vaults, currently if items are imported into individual collection, you can bulk select and move to collections from there.

@bw-admin Are you saying there /is/ a way to bulk move items between collections inside an organization? I’m not seeing that option even after selecting multiple items, only the option to move items one by one from the three dot menu next to each one.

Until bulk moving collection items is available, if you import into your individual vault, you can multi-select and move, alternatively you can condition a CSV before importing.

@serendipitist Welcome to the forum! Have you tried clicking the gear icon (:gear:) after doing the multi-select?

Adding my vote for drag and drop between folders, between vaults, on web and desktop.

Please add my vote for drag and drop and for a simple sorting the logins into folder and collections.

Greetings from Austria

I would like to be able to drag and drop or move folders (including or subfolders) to and from collections.

Example :
I have in my account more folders.
One of them I would like to move to Collections and assign them to my wife’s (shared) account.
Now if I want to add her as the second user to my account, I have either the choice to re-enter and organize all those passwords again (that exist in folder(s)) or to share the entire account by sharing the master password …

Feature name

In 2023, user-friendly tools are really important. If you now have a lot of collections and entries, you want to be able to move the entries and collections by drag-n-drop at the latest. Tools like Keepass can already do this without any problems. Is it possible to implement this function?

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? Improving the user experience.
  • What benefits will this feature bring? A great benefit in the management of data
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There is an existing Feature Request for drag-n-drop functionality:

You may want to add your Vote and comments there.

@grb or @cksapp - Maybe this should be merged with the existing feature request?

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I’m a long-time user of Keepass, so my “item library” is fairly large and well organized.
I decided to look for a modern password manager where i can use it on my phone, or share with my family, and, also, self hosted.

Finally i came here. I tried BitWarden/VaultWarden, and it has all features i needed.
BUT. Yes, there is a huge BUT.
I imported my password library to VW, then i tried to adapt the structure i had in Keepas, to fit my needs. I found out that, with VW, it’s a daring task i’m not sure i can accomplish.

There is obviously no drag&drop as many other web and nonweb apps. Worse, to move items, you have multiselect (even if you want to move only one item, there is no “move” in the 3 dot menu of that single item), then use the 3dot on top of the list to move to an existing folder. And what about creating a new folder? you need to specify the full path from the root to the last level you want, by hand, and if you make a typo, you create another folder outside the path you wanted. And if you want to move (1st example) items to a new subfolder (2nd example) and you do a type, it’s a mess.

What i’m trying to explain is that the BW interface seems to be made by programmers for programmers, not for end users. I know, a normal enduser that starts from scratch, will have few items and folders, but for ppl like me with a lot of imported items, it’s a nightmare.

So, my request is: Please implement a drag&drop modern UI, or at least let users create/move folders selecting folders, not items inside, and without the need to TYPE every new full path by hands.

Thats the VERY basic of usability. Like it’s now, the experience is similar to use a CLI, not a 2023 web/app interface.

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I couldn’t agree more…We need a folder creation, drag/dog and management feature the same as how Windows Explorer creates folders and files.

But what’s really shocking is that this feature was requested in early 2018 with many users complaining or requesting this feature and nothing has changed since then. To not implement it even though it was asked almost 6 years ago says a lot about Bitwarden - SADLY THEY DON’T CARE AND ARE NOT WILLING TO LISTEN TO THEIR USERS OR RESOLVE THE COMPLAINTS/FEEDBACK GIVEN !! :rage:

I think that the programmer can’t do it. As a paying user I’ve been disappointed by this for years