Download fails in any browser or OS

Hi @all,

I am a long-time user of Bitwarden, both self-hosted and in the cloud version.

Today a friend asked me about a portable password manager. That’s why I want to take a look at the portable version of Bitwarden, which can be downloaded from

Unfortunately the link doesn’t work - this message always appears: ‘app’ parameter is required
No matter what operating system, no matter what browser, even on the cell phone - the same thing everywhere. The message also appears with some other download links on the Bitwarden website.

Is the link broken? Do you also get the same message?
And if so - how can I report this to Bitwarden?
Or am I on the wrong track?

I’ve been getting the same issue just for the plain old desktop app, not the portable as well. Even though app is very clearly in the URL, as well as the message it’s a HTTP 400 response which usually means a client error which is to be expected if it’s claiming we didn’t give the app parameter.

It’s got to be an issue on their backend that serves the files.

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FYI something is wrong at the moment. It doesn’t normally do that. I expect support will fix it soon.

Meanwhile you can grab from github Release Desktop v2023.10.1 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

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Thanx for the reply & link - it works fine !! :ok_hand:

Thanks for reporting @stromzoo! We have fixed the issue that was causing the app parameter required error, but please do let us know if you experience any other issues.