Need total installation file

On my other computer, the installer claims I don’t have an internet connection, which is not so. I had just downloaded the installer and surfed around the net !
Can I get the complete installation file somewhere?

This ia Bitwarden releases pages. You may find it here. I am not sure. You can also try the portable version.

What’s the difference between the portable and the regular version?
Which one at GitHub is the portable one?

And I’m using Windows x64, if that helps. What about the one called bitwarden-1.24.6-x64.nsis.7z ? I have 7-Zip.

You can read more about portable versions here
Go to Download | Bitwarden
Click more desktop installation options
Download the portable version
By the way you will not receive any updates. You will have to install manually.

Thanks, found it.

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