Disappearing vault

All the items in my vault just disappeared.

I spent most of the day importing, deduplicating and organising my vault. The starting point was to delete everything I imported a couple of days ago and start again.

By the time I had finished I had a lot of stuff in the bin. So I set out to clear it. Stupidly, not backing up the vault first. I loaded as many items as possible in the web interface (500 I think). Then selected ‘Select all’, then ‘Permanently delete selected’. Then I loaded some more and repeated. After three or four iterations it all looked empty, and I went back to ‘All items’.

To my horror, that was empty too. And when I returned to the bin, it is not empty. But what is in it is only the stuff that was deleted first thing this morning. None of the carefully cleaned up work of the day is there to be restored. I’m sure I was working in the bin all the time, as the option was always to permenantly delete.

So two questions:

What the hell happened?
Is there anyway I can get my day’s work back?

This will not help you now but for the next time I would recommend to create backups on a regular basis.

This just happened to me as well. Entire Org Vault is just gone!

Hi @robseib - sorry to hear about this issue!

I would try logging in to the web vault at https://vault.bitwarden.com and check to be sure. If your organizational vault isn’t in the cloud anymore, perhaps check your licensing to make sure nothing has expired. Otherwise, it sounds like you need to contact the Bitwarden CS Team at:

Thanks so much for your response David!

We logged into the web vault and unfortunately it’s all gone. I verified we haven’t missed a payment or anything, we are fully licensed. We contacted the CS Team and they said we must have deleted the entries. However, there is only 3 of us in the team and we absolutely did not delete anything. There is also nothing in the trash. The data is just gone.

It seems we are SOL and won’t be able to use Bitwarden any more after this.

So sorry to hear this - I have followed the forums for a long time now, and I have not heard of anything similar happening where an entire organizational vault just disappeared. I guess you never created a backup to restore from? Not blaming, just hoping!!

Thanks Dave. It does really seem like a fluke. Unfortunately we had no backup, but we got lucky. I remembered I had a computer I had logged into the day before and taken it off the network. It cached everything locally so I was able to manually recover the data!

So we are in the clear. It’s just disappointing the CS team didn’t have a better response for a paying customer other than “you probably deleted it”, which we did not. I’ll still use it for personal use but my employer is no longer going to use them.