Move 500 logins from Organization to my individual vault

When I setup my Bitwarden account I was guided me to create and Organization. I went along with this not knowing what and Organization means in Bitwarden. When I imported my 500 logins they went into this Organization. Now I realize that it is stupid to put all my logins into and Organization - they should be in my private vault. So the question how to move my 500 logins from the Organization to my private vault.

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I would suggest purging the vault and re-importing the data.

I imported the data about 6 weeks ago so I have been making some changes in the mean time. So I don’t want to import the old data which had come from LastPass and is not out of date.

Could I export form Bitwarden, purge and then import back Bitwarden but this time import into my private vault instead of the Organization vault?

Yes, you can export an organization vault from the web vault interface. If you do so, you should export in the unencrypted JSON format. If you have file attachments in any of your vault items, then these will not be included in the export. Furthermore, the export will not include items in the Trash, or any password histories or timestamps.

If I do export the organization vault to a .json, can I then import it into my personal vault?
How would I delete info in the organization vault then?

Good question. In principle, yes, but there are some differences in the structure of organizational and personal vaults. I’m not sure if these will create problems during import of a JSON formatted export.

If your vault does not contain any Card or Identity type items (i.e., only Login and Secure Note items), then an export in CSV format may be more robust — i.e., it would be straightforward to condition the exported CSV so that it can be imported into a personal vault (it seems that all you’d have to do is to delete the column titled collections, and add an empty column with the title favorite). Other than not exporting Card or Identity items, additional repercussions of switching from JSON to CSV export would be that all custom fields would be converted to fields of the “Text” type, and that URI match detection settings will be lost.

An organizational vault can be purged, but please note this FAQ answer.

Would I be better off deleting all my data in Bitwarden and then importing the LastPass exported file - i.e. starting from scratch? Would this give me the option to no import everything into a Organization?

You could do that, but I’m not sure what advantages that would give you over exporting your current Bitwarden vault and reimporting it (after making the changes I described above, purging your vault, and perhaps deleting the organization). As you noted previously, one disadvantage of starting from scratch would be that you would lose any changes that you made after your original import.

I did the export CSV, touched it up, then imported it back in to my private vault. This worked well. I then recreated the cards and identity manually back into the private vault manually.

I ended up just selecting all the entries in the Organization vault and then manually deleting them. This seemed to be the same as running the purge command. I may run the purge as well for good measure but I think I had gotten everything.

It looks like I am done now. Thanks for all your help.

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Great! Glad I was able to help.