Disabled User registration, how invite user not to Org

We have a self-hosted installation and would like to disable user registration.
I know that we still can invite people to the Organization we have, but I didn´t found a way to invite users only to our installation.

Is that possible in any way?

Another option would be to restrict account creation to a specific email domain but AFAIK this isn´t implemented so far.

Hello @scifire91,

I believe what you may be looking for should be globalSettings__disableUserRegistration=True

As far as I am aware I do not believe Bitwarden allows for registration restrictions for only the domain whitelist, though I do believe this is a feature request that has been brought up before by some community members.

Hope at least the current ability to disable user registration on your self-hosted instance will help.
I would note that this still provides a web GUI to create a user account, though the process will fail with an error status that user registration is not allowed, just FYI.

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@cksapp Thanks, I know how to disable User reg.

The question is how can I invite specific people to register on our instance without inviting them to our Organization?

Hey @scifire91 thanks for providing additional detail, there currently isn’t a way to allow specific people to sign up unless they’re invited to an org if you have registrations disabled.

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@dwbit that’s too bad but thanks for clarifying.
Maybe I’ll open a feature request :wink:

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