Allow invited people to register even if registrations are disabled


When we set disableUserRegistration=true in server configuration, users who have been invited to an organization can’t register.
Would then be nice to allow registration of invited users, even if disableUserRegistration is enabled.
This would allow to decide who is allowed to register, sending legitimate users an invitation to join the organization.

Thx !

I definitely think this one is more a bug than a feature request : if the owner of the organization invites people to register, they should be able to register even if disableUserRegistration is set.
The owner of the organization is in most cases the owner of the self-hosted instance, so no reason to deny registration of users owner has invited.
disableUserRegistration=true is more here to deny external / non-expected registrations.
Well this is my opinion.
Thank you !

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Yea, this is a really issue, for a self hosted instance, i clearly want to disable registration, but need to be able to invite people!

This has been added for next version. If a user registers a new account from the organization invite email, the disableUserRegistration env variable is ignored and registration is still allowed.

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