User invite while registration closed

This feature request is only regarding self-hosted environments.

Currently, it is possible to disable new user registration. It is also possible to invite new users to an organization via email/invite while the registration is closed.
What is not possible is to invite users only to the self hosted Bitwarden but not to the organization (see Disabled User registration, how invite user not to Org - #4 by dwbit)
Another way would be to limit new registration to one or more specific Domains.

Use Case:
We have a self hosted installation which is public available at the internet.
We don’t won’t that external people (outside of the company) register in our Bitwarden.
We could disable registration but we want that every user of our company can register himself an account or can be invited.
But not every user needs to be part of our organization.
We just want to give our users a safe and comfy way to store there personal passwords (no management needed).

If people see how Bitwarden works and are comfortable with it they will also use it in their department, which means we’re going to invite them to the organization and pay a license for them.

Any open questions?