Difference between desktop, android, and browser extension versions

I am getting ready to test BW for a couple of different environments with different needs and have some basic questions.

What is the primary benefit of the desktop app over the browser extension version?

If I install the desktop app, does it sync the info with the browser extension and v/v ?

If not, do any cross sync with the other platform type? (desktop app, browser ext, web based or phone app?)

Also, can I install the desktop app on a local p2p network and access without internet access or must it connect with BW servers to sync?

In my use case, I’ve got the bitwarden app installed on an Android and browser extensions installed everywhere.

I installed the desktop client but never used it, I find the browser extensions cleaner and if I need anything more the web vault interface is super powerful and easy to use on a desktop - even for web-unrelated tasks like word doc passwords. YMMV

Everything syncs across all devices well when you have internet connections to the bitwarden web vault.

I have no experience with P2P but there are a couple of feature requests out there requesting support for it, so I suspect it won’t work. You might want to check out self hosting to enable LAN access only - see https://help.bitwarden.com/hosting/.

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Yes I would love to test this theory on all devices as well. Bc I have this application on my Android device but I’ve never gotten a chance to add it to my desktop, or any other devices to be able to tell the differences in the user friendliness or interfaces. So I would love some more feedback on what these differences would be. So get back to me when you can, explaining some if these things.