Using browser add-on and desktop client on the same machine

New to bitwarden and the community. OS is Windows 11 and I would like to use the browser add-on and the desktop client at the together so I can see which I use more frequently. I have used the browser extension for several month.

Is this an acceptable way to use bitwarden?


@Steve_Smith Welcome to the forum!

Yes, it is acceptable and not uncommon to have multiple Bitwarden clients installed on the same device at the same time.

If you’re not already aware, each Bitwarden installation works independently of any other Bitwarden clients, with the major exception to this being the (hopefully obvious) fact that each Bitwarden client is synchronized with the cloud server, which causes changes made in one client to also appear in the other clients. In contrast, locking, logging out, closing, or uninstalling one client has not effect on the other clients (and logging in to or unlocking one client does not automatically cause other clients to get logged in or unlocked). Likewise, app preferences/settings must be configured for each client.

There are a few other exceptions, such as the communication between the browser extension and the desktop client app that is required when using biometrics to unlock the browser extension. Another exception is the ability to use a logged in desktop app (or mobile app) to approve passwordless logins into your Bitwarden browser extension, using the “Login with device” option. If you’re new to Bitwarden, I would maybe hold off on these two specialized features until you’ve gotten your bearings.