✅ Desktop/browser should be able to import unencrypted exports

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Feature name

  • Desktop/browser extension /mobile client should be able to import unencrypted password exports

Feature function

  • Import any unencrypted export formats through the client.
  • If clients can make new entries, then this feature should exist on the client aswell. and we shouldn’t be forced to use the webvault to do so.

Related topics + references

  • i just spent an hour entering my password exports manually by hand, because i dont have access to the webvault… and i dont have https set up on unraid for my self hosted server or have access to the docker CLI

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Out of curiosity, why don’t you have access to the web vault or CLI? Every self-hosted instance of the Bitwarden service should be able to access these features.

Are you running the official Bitwarden server, or is this Vaultwarden/bitwarden_rs?

i am running vaultwarden

i can “access” the web vault. i just cant sign in because it gives me an error saying

This browser requires HTTPS to use the web vault
Check the Vaultwarden wiki for details on how to enable it

im unable to access cli command due to not being able to access the cli of the container in unraid.

I suggest you use the official Bitwarden server, then you won’t have these issues. The Bitwarden clients, of course, are designed to work with their server, not third-party products.

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alright, ill give that a try.

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I would really, really like to see the Bitwarden mobile phone app have an Import feature where you could import your vault that is stored on your phone to your Bitwarden mobile phone app. However, having to somehow transfer my vault which is stored on my phone onto Bitwarden through the web has been a big head for me:

[Unusual Behavior With My Android App(s) - #12 by Jovan](https://Unusual Behavior With My Android App(s))

Hello? :wave: Does anyone have an answer?

I answered your question in the other thread. In the future, please refrain from reposting a similar question to other threads as well. I am sure that if someone knows the answer, they will get back to you within a day or two, and posting the same question in multiple threads won’t speed that up! :smiley:

Roger that! :+1:

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In addition to being available on the web-vault and via the cli, the importers are as of 2023.10 also available on browser and desktop.

More information on our help site at: Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help Center

If someone is requesting import functionality for mobile, please open a new request.

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