Default ownership and default collection/folder when creating new vault item

Love this tool, but this is a major shortcoming compared to other options. Especially for single collection vaults. Please prioritize!

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I literally joined this forum because of this specific lack of feature. I would so appreciate being able to default new items to the Organization vault, as my membership is for a family, and being the admin, it’s becoming time-consuming to move every new item I create from my personal vault to the family vault.


Is there any update on when this will be implemented?

Any updates on how many more years this is going to take? I’ve been a premium subscriber for 5 years and this simple missing feature has been my number one gripe about Bitwarden since day 1.

This is such a helpful and, above all, simple function - when will it finally come?

I love the idea of color coding! Would be super helpful

+1 Why hasn’t this happened yet? Such a simple change.

I’m a new Bitwarden user and find it strange this isn’t something you can configure. What do we need to do to raise the priority? Seems like it has significant votes already.

Family plan here. We need a way to default any new login credentials to an organization collection automatically. Please! this is table stakes!