Custom icons for items and folders/collections

This is especially critical for the Web Vault, which does not remember the state of the user’s preference not to use favicons.

I’d love an update on this, seems it’s been wanted for a long time…

Hey @Seanzu thanks for checking in, the team is currently working on the 2022 roadmap, including upcoming Manifest V3 support and there are many open feature requests, the team will continue to review and update the roadmap each quarter.

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Icons need some work for sure. The current problems are:

  • they are assigned automatically, at least in browser plugins. You need to readd the whole record if something didn’t have an icon or the icon got removed.
  • they are very slow at times, I assume it’s because they’re loaded from URLs and not cached?
  • not sure if customization is something I’d use, but at least disabling them for certain records, not only overall, would surely be welcome
  • Also stored in cache unencrypted (if you feel that provides a security or privacy risk)

(your second bullet probably refers to ‘new’ entries getting downloaded for the first time since they do indeed appear to be cached on local device once downloaded?)

I definitely support the idea of custom icons and being able to add your own in all apps/versions.

Like others I am migrating to BW from 1PW and its a standard feature there and I used it considerably - I posted on it as a related comment here: Is there any security or privacy issue with the bitwarden web vault retrieving site icons? (which is also the thread referring to the unencrypted storage of the icons).

Not a real workaround, but for groups (“collections”) and other entries, I started to use an emoji as the first character in the name, which gives you a little image to recognize. I realize emojis don’t contain all the necessary symbols, inexplicably emojis are very lightweight on tech symbols, there’s a floppy disk but not a hard disk… :floppy_disk: