Custom icons for items and folders/collections

Yes please. Even for websites that don’t have favicons, or wanting to disambiguate websites with the same icon.

A custom URL facivon field would be great.


I’d really like to have this feature as well. It would provide a great overview of my vault.


Sad that Bitwarden still doesn’t have this. Coming from 1Password, it’s a shock to see hundreds of placeholder images and not being able to upload custom icons :frowning:.

Unfortunately a reason for me to skip Bitwarden for now :frowning:


Coming from Keepass, I think the feature to set different icons would be great.
I don’t need custom ones - cn be a preset of 10 pictures.

We’re storing may different types of access credentials, so checking which one you need from an icon on a glance really saves time.

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+1 from me. I’m with this feature request.

It will be very helpfull for secure notes also to give them a custom icon and for websites / apps which don’t have an own icon.


Absolutely would looove this feature. Another downside to adding a Favicon as a URL: it uses up the “first” URL space because it doesn’t apply the favicon if it’s not the first one.


That’s right. But it doesn’t matter if you use a second URL for match detection. I have some URLs which don’t provide a favicon. So I set an URL with favicon in the first place and set the match detection to “Never”. The second URL is the URL which should be used for login detection. This works fine as a workaround but it would be great if you could use a custom favicon for such an entry. :slight_smile:


My vote for this request. Custom icons like in SafeInCloud or OneSafe. Even OneSafe has an icon search engine integrated through the Google search engine. It would be great to have this feature in Bitwarden.!


Any update regarding this feature?

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We have it captured, but not on a development timetable yet.


Hello, do you guys have any workaround? I would really love to use Bitwarden but without a way to set my own icons, it’s - sorry - useless for me.

I seem to have around 1000 items, around 800 have no favicon and around 100 have the ugliest icons on earth which I really don’t want to see each day. I know that Bitwarden is only visiting the server and takes what it gets but this way I completely depend on others which I dislike. I use a password manager 200 times each time so it needs to look OK at least.

I thought about dirty workaround (in advance, it does not work)

  • create a folder on my web server
  • upload 800 image files
  • upload 800 .html files with direct links to the .png file

They would contain this only

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="https:// example dot com /image.png">

Then I would enter as URI1 in Bitwarden the direct url to the .html file. While this works in a web browser, Bitwarden displays always the one for the domain only (“example dot com”).

E.g. https:// example dot com /favicons/aol.html >> with this file content

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="https:// example dot com /favicons/aol.png">

displays the favicon for (example dot com /favicon.ico) and not https:// example dot com /favicons/aol.png.

Maybe as a workaround this could be changed? For sure not a solution for the mass :sweat_smile: but maybe better than nothing at all?

(Also a little hint that something needs to be done with icons… try to save bitwarden dot com as entry and use dark mode in the desktop client. The icon is hardly visible.)

PS: Sorry, wasn’t allowed to send links as a new user.


Hello, i found this wonderful icon set, why not implement it for the icons of the various accounts ?


New here. It is kind of discouraging seeing feature requests going back YEARS that have lots of votes, and no action taken :frowning: But I will use one of my twenty precious votes anyway, hoping I’ve somehow tipped the scales.


Hi! I’m creator of aegis-icons. :slight_smile:

Thanks for compliments (I really appreciated it), but as personal request to Bitwarden (if they ever gonna implement this feature), is to not implement my icon set.

Reason being that my icon set isn’t meant to be all general purpose one. I only make icons for sites that have Aegis supported 2FA support. And many of the sites don’t have 2FA, so those sites never gonna have a icons in the first place.

Also, most of the icons are made by me. There’s barely any contributions as of now, this would increase work load by a lot.

My suggestion is to use Simple Icons, it’s the best source for any kind of one color logos and it even has main brand colors as well. It’s CC0 licensed also and really actively maintained.


I would like to use all custom icons to prevent data leakage during CDN requests.

Thanks for that tip! Was getting frustrated when it wasn’t appearing on some sites so that has done the trick as a workaround!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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I would also like this feature please! +1 :+1:t3:

PS - Similar to @Rupert, I had the idea to host and reference some custom favicons that I could use for sites.

I did actually get BitWarden to change the icon by adding in a differnet address into URI1. Whilst I apprecaite this is not ideal, I was curious and hoped someone from BitWarden could tell me…

  • Am I correct in thinking we could use a differnent favicon URI in URI1?
  • If so, is the favicon retrieved from the domain, or the page… e.g. would it be possible for me to reference (a), (b) – or would it only look at the favicon listed myweb,com

(Hope that makes sense!)

Thanks guys!

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I am also in favor of this idea of custom icons.
I would stay away from any set of icons from anyplace on the net. I’m sure the one icon I want will not be there. I want to upload my own icons. Put them as an attachment to the entry. But some way that the same icon shows on all platforms and in all browsers that I use.

Sounds like a PRO feature. Nice, but a lot of overhead for BW.