Website Icons Not Appearing


I’m a new BW convert from LP. Excited to join!

QQ - I’m not seeing any website icons appear in any login fields for saved sites in my vault (e.g. Delta, United, Mint, etc). This was a feature I liked in LP (one click!) but am not seeing icons appear in these fields with BW. All of my settings look good, the extension is installed and I’m logged in, and I’m on the most recent Chrome OS version. I’ve removed the LP extension from Chrome to prevent any conflicts.

I’ve tried to search the interwebs and haven’t seen anything compelling. First time user error?

I appreciate any guidance! Thanks!

Take a look at this:

And perhaps use this as a workaround:

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If you mean that icons aren’t appearing in the actual form fields, that’s because Bitwarden doesn’t work that way. You can right-click and access a Bitwarden menu for entering usernames and passwords, or you can click the extension icon to automatically populate the fields, or you can use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L. There is also the option to have forms automatically populated when you visit the page.

Instead of displaying icons inside or around form fields, BW alerts you to a saved login by displayed a little number on the extension icon, like so:


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